The meta network
of micro-factories

Through steady action, we will ensure a bright future for our planet.

Our challenge

The production of manufactured goods is at the heart of the main environmental challenges: climate change, scarcity of resources, loss of biodiversity, pollution and waste, and economic disparity. While the local attracts more and more consumers, cities today depend largely on imports to meet the needs of their inhabitants.

It is time for cities to produce what they consume by applying the circular economy principles, where waste, especially plastic, no longer exists. The relocation of part of the productive activities is a need for resilience, COVID has fully demonstrated this to us.


PlastiSkul relocates production and develops the micro-industrial circular economy through a direct and bottom-up citizen approach. The important thing is to adapt to the typologies and needs of the territories concerned. The micro-factories thus create regional loops and develop the culture of the local circuit.


PlastiSkul micro-factories are part of the solution with productions that recycle plastic waste by transforming it into raw material, for a circular economic model requiring no or very few new natural resources. PlastiSkul is a self-learning community that supports and co-develops with startups already specializing in plastic upcycling.


PlastiSkul also has a social impact, with an education and training program in the recycling and reuse of plastic, the use of processing machines, and its social, health and economic potential. It is also a breeding ground for entrepreneurs who combine their heads and hands and thus generate stable, decent and sustainable income.

The meta network of the micro factories

Plastiskul is an international consortium whose purpose is to support and experiment with new territorialized production models through the creation of micro-factories using plastic waste as raw material. These micro-factories are new places that use fablab’s technologies

Connected, we can make the difference 

Connected, we can make the difference 

Connected, we can make the difference 

Connected, we can make the difference 

Connected, we can make the difference 

Connected, we can make the difference 

A partnership across 4 continents and 7 countries

Awareness & educating program

Overtime, Plastiskul micro-factories are place to learn and community of futures changemakers.

Through local communities and the network of micro-factories, our goal is to raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities associated with plastic waste management.

Want to deploy a local educating program ? Contact us and let’s talk about local experiences to learn from

Production & local entrepreneurship

With its experience in the field, Plastiskul can support you in deploying a micro-factory that meets the needs of your territory, and its innovative projects

PlastiSkul micro-factories are designed to recycle different types of plastics using dedicated methods, depending on both your access to collected plastic and the end product you make.

PlastiSkul offers a catalog of additional services such as content on how to use plastic and why to recycle it, tutorials on products to be developed, etc.

A micro-factory is designed to meet the specific needs of each location. Design your kit by choosing from our catalog of machines and services, suitable for the projects you want to develop.

All this knowledge is open source.

It's time to make nature our priority. Let's change the world together.

Contact us, and join the Plastiskul community!