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When recycling rhymes with conviviality!

“Hacking urbain” is an ephemeral user-friendly installation in the public space, ready to be installed as a terrace extension for the summer!
A realization of the Fab Unit, with Volumes, as part of the Plastiskul project – international network of plastic micro-factories. A first edition supported and distributed by Perrier.

The “Hacking Urbain” project is a demonstrator of the potential of micro-factories, which are directly inspired by the culture of “makers” and Fab Labs, digital manufacturing laboratories that provide professionals and individuals with controlled machines digital to prototype, create, repair…
This project is one of the first products from the Plastiskul consortium: an example of an agile production of limited series that can be adapted in real time and customizable.

Revalorization process

160,000 caps recycled

240 kg of recycled plastic

First product from Plastiskul consortium, made in France with Volumes and Fab Unit (8Fablab)